An administrator, or sysop (system operator), is a user who has been appointed with extra editing powers for maintenance-based tasks. Another way to think of an administrator is as a janitor, as they help keep the wiki a clean and better place by deleting/restoring pages, protecting pages, blocking users/IP editors, editing MediaWiki pages, and viewing deleted archives. Bureaucrats also have the ability give other users rollback*, administrative, or bureaucratic rights after community voting.

Administrators still have to abide by wiki policies and may have their powers removed either by immediate intervention by a bureaucrat if needed or by standard community discussion.

To see a full list of what an administrator can do, see this list.

List of administrators Edit

Below is an alphabetical list of all of the users who currently have administrative powers. If this list is not up to date, check Special:Listusers/sysop.

Active Bureaucrats Edit

Semi-active Bureaucrats Edit

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Semi-active Sysops Edit

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Inactive Bureaucrats Edit

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User hiliteEdit

User hilite allows quick color-coded identification of sysops, bureaucrats, VSTF, Helpers and Wikia Staff on this Wiki.

  • Administrators - lime green
  • Bureaucrats - cyan
  • VSTF - silver
  • Helpers - light purple
  • Staff - gold

Vandalism Patrol Edit

If you come across any vandalism, please contact one or more of the following administrators on their talk pages:

Becoming an administrator Edit

To become an administrator or bureaucrat, one has to successfully go through a request for adminship/bureaucratship. Administrators are usually community members who are known and respected by the community, so it is a good idea to give the community a good impression.