For another page abbreviated as "FIM:RFA", see Fighting is Magic Wiki:Requested Featured Articles.

For the page for admin task requests, see Fighting is Magic Wiki:Administrator Requests.

The Requests for Adminship page (often abbreviated as RfAs or NfAs depending on the nominator) is used to nominate users for a position on the administrative team, either sysop or bureaucrat (Requests for Bureaucrat flags are known as RfBs), users (as the name implies) may request the flags, or self-nominate. New administrators are often needed as the community at the Call of Duty Wiki expands. They also may be needed to take the place of formerly active administrators who no longer contribute to the wiki.

Requests are generally closed and have a community voting to determined two weeks after the nomination. However, if the nominator or nominee chooses to withdraw the nomination or the nominee declines, or the nomination is very poorly written (or there is none) it may be closed immediately.

Requirements for adminship Edit

Actually show up.