Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash menu icon
Rainbow Dash
Sex Mare
Kind Pegasus
Max HP 545 (EVO)

440 (TE)

Weapon(s) Hooves, Thunder Cloud, Dash
Max Magic 2.

Passive refill.

Voice Actor/Actress Susanna "Aeva" Brown
Palletes Rainbow Dash (default)

Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus who is responsible for maintaining the weather in Ponyville. She is very loyal towards her friends. Thus, she represents the element of loyalty. Rainbow Dash is by far the laziest pony of the main 6.

Move List (Tribute Edition) Edit

Basic Moves Edit

Name Command Damage Special Properties
Standing L A 5 None
Standing M B 13 (5+8) x2 Combo
Standing H C 17 (5+12) x2 Combo
Crouching L 2A 5 None
Crouching M 2B 11 None
Crouching H 2C 13 Moves RD forward
Aerial L (Midair) A 7 None
Aerial M (Midair) B 12 None
Aerial H (Midair) C 16 None
Grab 6D 30 Slightly moves both RD and opponent back

Back throw does the same but further.

Launcher 3C 16 RD goes airborne

Command Moves Edit

Name Command Damage Special Properties
16 - 20 RD Moves at whatever direction is held (no Neutral)
Hurricane Kick L QcfA 3 opponent knocked to the air, but still allows for ground combos.
Hurricane Kick M QcfB 4 (1+3) Opponent knocked back in air
Hurricane Kick H QcfC 17 (1+2+14) Opponent knocked back farther than the medium verson and can't be chained into a combo.
Flight QcbA None Able to move freely in air
Lightning Cloud L QcbB 20 Moves RD back, launches the opponent
Lightning Cloud H QcbC 20 Moves RD forward, launches the opponent
Air Catch L (mid air)


3 Throws opponent downward
Air Catch M (mid air)


7 (3+4) opponent and RD go upward
Air Catch H (mid air)


26 (3+4+19) opponent and RD go upward
momentum jump 668 None Carries RD farther than normal.

Super Moves Edit

Name Command Damage Special Properties
Rainbow Barrage (Mid Air)


104 Does spiral knockback on final hit

x13 Combo

Sonic Rainboom HcbHcbC 224 (20+204) Does normal knockback

x2 Combo

Strategy Edit

Rainbow Dash is best meant as a rushdown combo-heavy character. RD's moveset does not give any way to hit the opponent from long ranges, and her dash is the only way of closing the gap between her and the opponent. It's best to know where the opponent is going to block and respond accordingly to deal the most damage.

Combos Edit

Basic: Edit

Advanced: Edit

StandingL, StandingM, StandingH, Launcher, AerialL, AerialM, AerialL, StandingL, StandingM, StandingH, Hurricane KickH. (81 Damage, x15 Combo)

Resets Edit

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Twilight Sparkle:





Rainbow Dash: